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Rationale This research area was chosen because the slave trade and its impact on African societies have always fascinated me. The sugar revolution made a way for the blacks to thrive and forge their way to the top of the organizational structure. They would pay Africans from enemy tribes to raid the villages at night while everyone slept, so it would be easier to capture the disorientated villagers.

Malaika Maxim, for your patience and guidance, thank you. They would be chained by the neck and legs and fastened to other victims, in a slave coffle and lead them for days with no food or water through the African terrain until they would reach the coast. After the collapse of the Tobacco production insugar was the new cash crop revolution and was in high demand from Europe.

The sugar revolution made a way for the blacks to thrive and forge their way to the top of the organizational structure. By using this method, more information was obtained but also gave a raw view of the areas that were affected as a result of the change. Hence, small estates that were alongside larger ones were acquired Refer to Fig 2 in appendix.

Because of the cheap source of labor, the Europeans would earn a big profit trading the slaves in for cotton, gold, silks and other merchants. According to Baledeosingh K.

The Europeans had overworked and under fed the Tainos which were their main source of labour force in the Caribbean, this and the diseases that the Europeans brought killed the indigenous people, the kalinagos were the only indigenous people left and they refused to be enslaved.

How was the Slave Trade organized. Engerman, The fact that slaves had no will during the entire slave trade proves that the Europeans treated them no better than cattle, and were forced to be a part of the hard manual labor.

Caribbean History SBA Essay Sample

Even so, the change had already begun to be felt. There were only a few buckets between the slaves to excrete in but some slaves preferred to relieve themselves where they were rather than to try to reach the bucket that was further away.

The wealth which was gained from sugar stimulated avarice from European countries who sought to take control of the colonies. They would pay little to nothing for the Africans to be captured and enslaved.

Retrieved January 27,from https: Inthe many catalysts of change all came together. Societies changed as well as populations. Encyclopedia of Caribbean History Vol.

History Sba Slavery in the British Caribbean (Sampled Version)

All thanks to the Almighty Father for his strength and guidance. Children had become orphans and some families became single parent families, these families lost the family support they were accustomed to. Social Organisation 17 P a g e Fig 5.

The Sugar Revolution laid the foundation for the industrial revolution They were declining and in cases where they were still employed they had become very reluctant to work and very hard to control.

These did no specific thing wrong, they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, the Europeans did not see it fit to enslave their own race.

History sba

School text books were also used as they contained information relevant to the topic. They were affected Economically, Politically and Socially.

The Africans did not have any choice in the decision for them to travel to the Caribbean and become slaves. The poor conditions, brutal treatment of slaves and continual suicides resulted in high bloodshed.

According to Hamilton-Willie D. The Transatlantic slave trade impacted West Africa in such ways, it was written into history. Slavery was not just about the black people who endured the Middle Passage.

Secondary Source Information will be obtained by secondary source, text books, and primary source, pictures. However, absenteeism brought about poor management of estates. He also noted that of 7. History Sba Sample.

Topics: Caribbean, North America, Trinidad and Tobago Pages: 2 ( words) Published: February 3, Introduction In the seventeenth century both in the English and to a lesser extent, the French islands, a change occurred in the basic cash crop.

This change was so quick and widespread that it could. The Swahili term for this era of history is called ‘Maafa’ which means Holocaust or Great Disaster. The shortage of man power must have had a profound economic impact and it is perhaps not too difficult to see a connection between the present under development of the Africans.

Resistance of slaves was a great part of Caribbean history which is currently still the most debated topic. With that being said, I felt a need to choose this topic. We will write a custom essay sample on History SBA specifically for you. Introduction The main objective of this guide is to provide helpful information and tips for the successful completion of the School Based Assessment (SBA) required of CSEC students sitting History.

The substantive content of Caribbean History is the activities of the peoples of the islands from The methods of studying history, the remaining aspect of the discipline, have determined the aims and (SBA) component, worth 35, 44 and 21 per cent of the total marks, respectively.

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History Sba Slavery in the British Caribbean (Sampled Version)

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History sba sample
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